Police and firefighters were called to High Wycombe after a burning smell was reported coming from under the road.

A fire crew from High Wycombe were dispatched to the junction of Wellington Road and Lancaster Road at around 1pm on Tuesday, joining police who were already on the scene.

The emergency services had identified a burning smell coming from a crack in the road.

The firefighters closed the road and put a cordon around the scene, then used a thermal imaging camera to investigate the smell.

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Upon closer inspection, firefighters found that the underground electrical cables were arcing - meaning that electricity was jumping between the wires, causing potentially high temperatures and burning the insulation around the cables.

The issue was flagged with the electricity company, and work is currently underway to fix the problem.

The road has been reopened but a section remains cordoned off while work is underway.

Temporary traffic lights have been installed at the junction, causing congestion along Lancaster Road and Coronation Road.

It is not clear how long the issue will take to fix.