A Bucks woman who breached a restraining order three times in two weeks and threatened to stab her victim has avoided going to jail.

Courtney Simmons, 20, of Bittenham Close, Stone, has been sentenced to a 12-week jail term suspended for one year after she pleaded guilty to multiple offences.

At Wycombe Magistrates' Court on December 21, the court heard how Simmons had breached a restraining order against her victim on three separate occasions between October 31, 2021 and November 14, 2021.

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The court heard that Simmons had also threatened to stab her victim when she committed the breaches in Aylesbury.

At the hearing, the defendant pleaded guilty to three counts of breaching a restraining order and one count of committing an offence while serving a suspended sentence.

Sentencing Simmons, the magistrates stopped short of sending her to jail, instead opting to give her an eight-week curfew with electronic monitoring.

She was also ordered to pay £250 compensation to her victim and a £50 fine.

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