Concerns have been raised about the welfare of ponies that have appeared in a Wooburn Green field again.

A number of ponies appeared in the field opposite Wooburn Park in Town Lane around Christmas, with village residents and workers worried for their safety and if they are being adequately fed.

The RSPCA is reportedly involved again.

It is not the first time animals have been put in the field - when a number of ponies appeared there in early 2021, there was outcry from residents who feared for their health.

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One of the ponies had previously managed to escape from the field, and they were also spotted eating bread, which experts say can lead to colic or laminitis.

All of the ponies, except for two foals, were removed overnight in around March 2021 and RSPCA inspectors visited the site asking those responsible for their care and feeding to contact them "as a matter of urgency".

The two remaining foals were then seen by eyewitnesses being led away from the field and the area has remained clear until the end of 2021, when ponies appeared there again.

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It is not clear who owns the ponies or if they are the same animals as were left there earlier in 2021.

Officers from the Marlow Neighbourhood Policing Team have been to visit the site today to check on the welfare of the ponies.

They said: "This is in response to local residents' concerns. We check that the fences are secure so that they can't get onto the road.

"On this occasion they were all fine."