The Los Angeles Rams breezed through their wildcard game against the Arizona Cardinals 34-11, with quarterback Matthew Stafford securing his first ever playoff win.

Stafford – in his first season with the Rams and 13th in the NFL –  passed for 202 yards and two touchdowns. He also ran the ball for his own rushing touchdown in the second quarter.

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray finished with 137 yards through the air and two interceptions.

The Cardinals fought back with a bit of spirit later in the game, but had too far to go with the Rams having already racked up four touchdowns.

After James Connor scored the team’s first touchdown from a two yard rush in the third quarter, the Cardinals went for a two point conversion and succeeded with a pass from Murray to Antoine Wesley.

Matt Prater then kicked a 55-yard field goal for the Cardinals but it was followed by a 46 yard field goal from the Ram’s Matt Gay, sealing the 23-point win.