Activists apparently protesting against "satanic ritual abuse" descended upon Waddesdon Manor this afternoon. 

With megaphones and banners saying they were here to "protect your children", a "few dozen" people marched on the National Trust stately home after 12pm today (Sunday) - reportedly to "confront the Rothschilds" about bizarre claims of satanism. 

The tourist attraction was built at the end of the 19th century by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild and the family continues to run Waddesdon on behalf of the National Trust through the Rothschild Foundation. 

Leader and organiser of the protest, Jeanette Archer, was reportedly not in attendance, despite posting a video on the 'Supporting SRA Survivors' Facebook page on January 18 saying she had visited Waddesdon the day before for a "recce" ahead of today's event.

She claimed it was "time to fight for our children" and "time to expose The Rothschilds", adding: "Let's take it to their door". 

There was a heavy police presence at the protest, with Thames Valley Police Aylesbury saying they were "working to support the public’s right to peaceful protest freedom of expression". 

The Buckinghamshire Disability Service (BuDS) slammed the protest as "anti-semitic", saying: "We utterly condemn these vile anti-semitic protests in Buckinghamshire. TVP Aylesbury, you are supposed to stop racial hate crimes, not monitor them."