Boris Johnson is currently facing mounting pressure to resign following reports of parties at Downing Street during the height of lockdown.

The Prime Minister is set to receive Sue Gray’s verdict on the “bring you own booze” parties in her report which is expected to be published this week.

A handful of Tory MPs have already handed in letters of no confidence but the majority after waiting for the report.

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We spoke to High Wycombe shoppers who shared their thoughts on the Prime Minister and whether they think he should resign.

Uddin Mohammed, 66, a retired business owner from London said: “Absolutely Boris Johnson should resign, he should have resigned a long time ago.

“The problem we have in our country is he has completely ruined the nation and the prestige of No 10 Downing Street.

“Every country in the world has such a palace for the President or Prime Minister but this is the one unique in British history, the No 10 Downing Street, but he has ruined that.

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“I’ve lived here since I was nine years old and I haven’t seen anything like this.

“This man should leave No 10 Downing Street. He should resign and if he doesn’t he should be taken out of there.”

Bucks Free Press: Uddin Mohammed, 66Uddin Mohammed, 66

Rev Jenny Ellis, 65 from High Wycombe said: “As a priest and a chaplain I am picking up the pieces of the hurt and upset that the recent behaviour at Downing Street has caused to so many people I work with.

"I think Boris Johnson needs to seriously consider his integrity and he needs to seriously consider his position whether he can continue to hold office with any degree of integrity.”

Patryk Grabowski, 30, who works as assistant manager at KFC said: "My thoughts on Boris Johnson is that we are all being treated like slaves with the masks and vaccinations.

"In the video when they are having the party they weren’t wearing any masks.

"He has apologised but an apology doesn’t mean anything because a lot of people like me don’t understand why they have to wear masks.

"We need to protect ourselves from the virus but he doesn’t have to, he's immune to it.

"For some reason, they have more rights, they have parties with hundreds of people and we are limited to fifteen people at funerals and 10 people at churches.

"Everyone has to wear masks and they don't have to do any of it.

"For some reason, the virus is going to be avoiding them. He should definitely resign. One hundred percent"

Bucks Free Press: Patryk Grabowski, 30Patryk Grabowski, 30

A 20-year-old High Wycombe student, who asked to remain anonymous, said: "He should definitely resign.

"He’s trying to cover himself by taking off all of the restrictions.

"It’s messed up, my grandfather and Aunt passed away and we couldn’t go and see them.

"The Queen as well when Prince Philip passed away but he was just having a party.

"He should step down."

Geoffrey Allen, 71, a retired chartered building consultant from Marlow didn’t think Boris Johnson should resign and said: “No, because the only part of Boris Johnson that is in the public eye is the silly things like the drinking and all that.

"What they don’t see is in committees, doing the job he is paid for, the strength of character, his intellect.

"All they’re interested in is trying to blame him for modest problems because if you look at the photograph of the drinking they are in the garden, he is with his wife and two others on one table and the other people are dotted around.

"He was there for 25 minutes and I do believe they have made a mountain out of a molehill.”

Bucks Free Press: Geoffrey Allen, 71Geoffrey Allen, 71

Ross Groves, a 21-year-old High Wycombe student said: "I think he should definitely resign with the amount of scandals coming out at the moment. 

"The fact that there is an awful lot in the country that he is not really sorting at all.

"Even if he resigned I am not sure his successor will be any better.

"These scandals don’t just involve Boris Johnson, they involve an awful lot of the party and the cabinet.

"I don’t think it will sort any issues but I don’t think he should still have that kind of power.

"The whole build-up over the last two years with issues, we never really got Brexit sorted, that ended up being a scandal.

"We are still having arguments with the EU about the Irish border.

"That was a whole fiasco. This is the last straw. He’s an idiot who is not fit to lead."

Sally-Ann Collis, 52, a cleaner supervisor from High Wycombe said: “I couldn’t see my elderly mom. She had Covid.

"I couldn’t even give her a cuddle and he was partying in the back garden.

"Why can’t he do a Zoom call like everyone else?

"He’s getting away with it and that’s why he’s saying all the restrictions can go out the window. So he knows he can get away with it.

"He should go, they should get someone decent, who is loyal and doesn’t lie.

"There is a load of people out there who have lost loved ones who couldn’t see them.

"A friend of mine died, we only had 15 at her funeral and he is partying in the back garden, so no, he should go.”

Sarah Kieffert, 28, an energy retail adviser from Aylesbury said: “He has got his certain way which is not very good.

"I’m not from the UK. I keep working and working and don’t feel like my money is going anywhere.

"I have two jobs just to pay the rent. My rent is £850 and my council tax is £200 and I have got two kids.

"I’ve got £20 left for food every month.

"I get no help, so that gives an answer to the question.

"If he really cared for people like for example the president in Germany, she was amazing, she was thinking about the people and not just taking their money.

"It would be nice if Boris Johnson cared for the English people, even if they are not English but cared about everyone.”

Alice Owusu, 38, from Slough said: "I feel like that is what people in authority do.

"Personally being a Mum I have told my children to do or not do things that I would do myself.

"I feel like it is part and parcel in being in authority. Having said that it all comes down to his conscious, if he feels she has to go because he has broken people’s trust as there isn’t a lot of trust on that so maybe based on that.

"I can’t say if he should resign because I am guilty myself, I don’t lead the country but I do similar things with my children by saying don’t do that or don’t buy that and then I do it myself.

"I can't judge based on that."