Marlow Studio Project is looking to build a "state-of-the-art" film studio next to the A404 near the Westhorpe roundabout.

The Bucks Free Press was shown around the site and told why it has been chosen by the team behind the project.

We have broken the site into the five areas shown below.

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Bucks Free Press:

Area one and two would be where filming takes place, allowing two productions to be on site at one time.

Outdoor filming would take place in area five, with additional storage and car parking space in area three.

Area 1:

Bucks Free Press:

Area four would be a space open to the public, offering a community space with facilities such as a cafe.

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Local residents have been campaigning against the proposed film studio with Joy Morrissey MP calling the plans "reckless".

Bucks Free Press:

The entrance to the proposed film studio would be on Marlow Road opposite Pump Lane South.

The road leading to Westhorpe House and Westhorpe Park would stay open and the current bus services would carry on running.

Area 2: 

Bucks Free Press:

Robert Laycock, CEO & Founder of the Marlow Studio Project, said “no other site” would provide space or location required.

He said: “Our site has been carefully chosen as it is neglected land infill that was once a former quarry, low quality with visual and physical disturbances, and is blighted by the A404." 

Area 3:
Bucks Free Press:
He continued: “Its size provides the unique requirements and space needed to create an extraordinary film-making facility capable of contributing £350 million to the economy annually and creating 5,000 jobs – 2,000 directly on-site and 3,000 in supporting businesses in the area."

Area 4: 

Bucks Free Press:

He continued: “Southern Buckinghamshire benefits from a talented employment base and a world-class reputation for film-making with a long history. 

"Our strategic location enables easy collaboration with nearby institutions, such as the National Film and Television School and the London Film School, to provide training, apprenticeships and educational partnerships for local young people and a new generation of UK talent. "

Area 5:

Bucks Free Press:

He continued: “No other site can provide the land required within this globally recognised cluster of skills and facilities. 
“Pinewood and the other studios are at full capacity for years to come, and demand is only set to increase as media companies prepare to spend $100bn this year alone in film and TV content. 

“If the Thames Valley does not provide the crucially needed studio space, then other areas, such as Meridian Water, Barking & Dagenham or Broxbourne will step in and attract the investment and economic benefits.”

The planning application is expected in the spring.