KFC was supposed to be open for Christmas in Amersham but the fried-chicken joint is still waiting to sell its 'Finger Lickin' Good' chicken.

Local residents have been left puzzled as the fast-food giant has remained closed with no sign of when its grand opening will be.

A spokesman for KFC told the Bucks Free Press that no update could be provided for its expected opening date following the delays.

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It was also unclear on the reason behind the delays as online rumours suggest they are due to "electrical issues".

The takeaway is set to replace the former high street bank, Llyods TSB on Sycamore Road and will create around 50 jobs.

The new branch will be open between 11am and 11pm, seven days a week.

Not all locals were excited by the news with Buckinghamshire Council receiving 12 letters of objections to the restaurant's planning application.

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The objections focused on concerns that it would cause problems with loss of retail, waste disposal, an increase in foot traffic, an increase in local crime rates and the chicken restaurant being of no benefit to the community.

Some reacted positively believing the increased footfall will be beneficial for Amersham businesses in the area.

The Lloyds TSB branch closed in June 2020 as locals continue to wait patiently the Colonel Sanders' Kentucky Fried Chicken.