A local ukulele group is approaching its 10 year anniversary after being set by a man looking for hobbies in retirement.

Brian Ward's retirement decided to buy a cheap brightly coloured ukulele ten years to keep himself entertained in free times he found himself having.

He says he "stumbled into a ukulele renaissance" as he searched the internet for tutorials, advice and performances by ukulele players such as the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and Jake Shimabukuro.

After a one-day ukulele workshop in Milton Keynes 'Stables' he decided to look around for some local groups, however, the closest other club he could find was in Reading.

Brian's wife then said to him "why don't you start your own" so he created a website for the Marlow Ukulele Group and sent fliers out in the area.

The group held its first meeting in February 2012 where about 30 people turned up.

Now 10 years on the group has almost 200 members with a quarter of these turning up regularly at a fortnightly Monday evening meeting at the town's British Legion.

Brian said: "Some members have been with me from the very beginning and new ones are joining all the time.

"The group provides an opportunity for anyone who ever fancied playing an instrument, and singing, to put aside their inhibitions and have a go.

"Playing anything from Beatles to Taylor Swift, beginners and more advanced players can all have fun together.

"Extra bonuses are that learning an instrument and singing are superb ways of reducing stress, boosting mental and physical health while socialising and having fun!

"Some of us are brave enough to perform in public and we have raised many thousands of pounds for local charities."