McDonald’s has pulled the Chicken Big Mac from its menu after it “sold out almost everywhere”.

The fast-food chain swapped out beef patties for crispy chicken fillets as the chicken Big Mac is added to the menu in days.

The burger was made available in the 1,300 stores across the UK from February 2 and it was supposed to remain on the menu until March 15.

Although due to such high demand, McDonald’s has had to take it off the menu a month early.

McDonald's issue Chicken Big Mac 

McDonald’s said on Twitter: “Well, that escalated quickly. Your love for the limited edition Chicken Big Mac knew no bounds and it’s sold out almost everywhere. Thank you for lovin’ it even more than we thought you would, it’ll be back soon.”



Although good news for beef fans as the double Big Mac will remain.

McDonald’s said: “Fear not, our other twist on a classic is sticking around. The delicious Double Big Mac is here until 15th March and download the McDonald’s App now to be first to hear about our week of deals & discounts starting on Monday.”