A framed photo montage of Marlow High Street east side properties in the 1960s measured nearly four feet long by about nine inches deep.

It used to hang in the Marlow Tourist Office when they were based in the High Street in the early 2000s.

I wonder where it is now: it deserves to be on permanent display somewhere: a real trip down memory lane.

It is not easy to get good copies of photographs behind glass in a frame, but I managed to take several pictures back then (with the Tourist Office’s permission!) and paste them all together, but I never managed to find a correctly sized frame to house the result.

Unless we printed a special edition of the Marlow Free Press three feet wide it is not possible to show you this in the original form, so above is the best I can do, splitting it into three sections.

From the left we have Angus Wellicome’s Garage; New Court stable block and archway; Dewhurst Butchers; MacFisheries; Hill’s Basket Shop, closed and to let; entrance to Lovell’s Builders Yard; Kempster’s Sweet Shop, also closed and to let; a residential property; the Post Office (Cromwell House); Hewitt’s gents’ outfitters; the Chequers Hotel and La Chandelle French Restaurant.

This was the work of the well known photographer the late Joe Green, who was also mentioned two weeks ago in this column with those fascinating pictures he took from the top of All Saints steeple.

I don’t think many people realised that Joe had gone to great lengths to produce something similar in the early 1990s: this time in colour, and the entire High Street, not just a part, but also West Street and Spittal Street, almost every shop and business in town.

Joe lined up these well over a hundred pictures onto long folding sections of card and the results are quite amazing to behold many of the shops now almost forgotten.

His family have very kindly passed all these into the care of the Marlow Society, and the plan is to make a public display, perhaps in the Church Hall, and on a weekend a bit nearer the summer.

If the black and white framed 1960s original could be traced by then (I hope it still exists somewhere) it could be included as well.

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