Amersham community leaders want to find a young girl from Little Chalfont, whose dream bench for her grandmother to rest on during walks is becoming a reality.

The unknown little girl and her grandmother always walked along the same route with the same destination.

However, after her grandmother needed somewhere to sit and rest to carry on walking, the savvy girl came up with the idea for a bench, Chair of the Amersham and Villages Community Board Mark Dormer said.

Mr Dormer said: “We were hosting a stall in Little Chalfont and got chatting to a resident.

“His little five-year old girl politely said she had an idea and asked if we could install a bench on the walking path, so her granny could sit down for a rest as she was old and struggled to get to the destination they walked to each Sunday.

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As a result, the Community Board is planning to install ‘Platinum Jubilee’ commemorative benches in each five areas covered by the board.

These are in Little Chalfont, Old Amersham, Coleshill, Chesham Bois and Amersham on the Hill.

Now the councillors are keen to find the little girl after she visited the Saturday stall in September last year with her father.

She was around four or five-years-old, went to school locally and the walk she referred to was a view to somewhere in Little Chalfont, Mr Dormer recalled.

Bucks Free Press: The little girl's drawing, which sparked the idea for the Jubilee benchesThe little girl's drawing, which sparked the idea for the Jubilee benches “I would be mortified if we sited the Little Chalfont bench in the wrong location, after all, the idea for the new benches is all down to this little girl who we now can’t find.”

Her drawing was found later (picture), which shows a girl, hearts, sun and text.

The text appears to say ‘Tulsi’ on the left side and ‘benches around perimeter of the village on walking route’ on the right.

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The big question is where to locate the benches, Mr Dormer said.

“We’re keen to hear suggestions from everyone across the five areas of the Community Board, so please do get in touch and let us know your thoughts.

Suggestions can be made via email to