Artist Josephine Rutherfoord’s exhibition is hosted at Beaconsfield Library until tomorrow March 8.

The mesmerising works of the exhibition ‘AboveBelow’- part of Ms Rutherfoord’s final module of her Fine Art degree – explore the natural world, and the parts, which usually get less attention.

The artist was inspired by the above ground fungi and the network of roots known as mycelium, which can spread far below the ground away from inspection, but providing nutrients to trees and other organisms.

While the viewer doesn’t see the original objects, the results of artistic work are carved on fine, sensitive paper in different shades of blue and white, a 3D printed basket fungi printed on soy bean fragments and video installation.

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When developing the work, Ms Rutherfoord began “to work like a mycelium, trying several things out but then focusing my resources in the most productive way.”

Like mushrooms in the natural world, the exhibition is spread around in the Beaconsfield Library starting near the entrance.

The Library is open on Tuesday 9.30-7pm, Wednesday 9.30-1pm, Thursday and Friday 9.30-5pm and Saturday 10-4pm and closed on Monday and Sunday.