A man is walking non-stop in Chesham Bois to raise money for the British Red Cross to support Ukrainians, over a million who have had to flee their homes after Russia attacked the country.

Starting Monday March 7, Tom Harrison won’t stop walking a square mile around Chesham Bois as long as donations keep coming in.

Donning blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag, Mr Harrison set out for his walk because the urgent crisis in Ukraine motivated him to help and to also raise awareness around the conflict.

He said: “Some residents said I will get cold doing the walk and I said that I wouldn't be as cold as Ukrainians living in minus temperatures, under siege with no heating.

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“I’m saddened by the conflict in Ukraine and initially felt a little helpless, but now I am helping directly.

“I will walk at least until I have raised £1000.”

With his own background in change management, Mr Harrison hoped for a quick change to the circumstances in Ukraine.

Bucks Free Press: Tom Harrison on the morning of his charity mission in Chesham Bois (Image: Tom Harrison)Tom Harrison on the morning of his charity mission in Chesham Bois (Image: Tom Harrison)

He added: “Most people have been very supportive.

"I had been given £300 before I set foot out of the door today.”

The conflict in Ukraine reached a new boiling point after Russian forces attacked the country in February following a drawn-out on and off fighting over parts of Eastern Ukraine since 2014 between Russian separatists and Ukrainians.

United Nations estimated over 1.5 million people have fled Ukraine to date and hundreds of thousands are stuck in Ukrainian towns under siege, unable to leave and with dwindling basic resources.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced more aid for Ukraine by the UK - £40 million on top of previous £140 million pledge – and announced the government’s six-point plan for the country.

Mr Johnson said: “Ukrainians have bravely defended their country. It is their valour that has united the international community. We can’t let them down.”

On the morning of Mr Harrison's walk, he had already received £340 from 11 supporters on JustGiving.com.