A social worker who attacked someone outside a supermarket in front of children may get off with just a warning, a report has shown.

Rocky Band, a Bucks Council social worker based in Aylesbury, was caught on CCTV slapping and attempting to kick a member of the public in August 2019.

Miss Band claimed that she slapped the individual in response to racist comments and threats they had made to her and her child.

Bucks Council referred Miss Band to Social Work England following the incident. Its investigation determined that a warning was the most appropriate action, and that she was still suitable to carry on as a social worker.

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The Social Work England investigation report states: “The social worker is seen to slap and attempt to kick a member of the public on the CCTV footage, and this is not disputed.

“Other members of the public, including children, observed the incident. A social worker slapping a member of the public in a public place is likely to be considered a serious departure from the professional standards.

The investigation found that the assault definitely took place, and it was investigated by the police.

In her own submissions to the investigators, Miss Band expressed deep remorse for her actions. She said: “I have found the footage extremely hard to watch as my behaviour makes me sad and ashamed.

“I did not handle the situation appropriately and my behaviour is absolutely wrong.

“I have revisited the incident over and over in my mind and wish that I could change what happened that day. I recognise that I could have done something different which could have amounted to a different outcome; I wish that I had stopped walking and disengaged from this person.”

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Following interviews with Miss Band, the investigators were satisfied that the risk of Miss Band repeating her offending was low.

The adjudicators concluded that the most appropriate way of addressing the misconduct was to issue Miss Band with a one-year warning order – meaning that if she is subject any further fitness to practice referrals in that time they would result in a more serious outcome if proven.

On January 14, Miss Band accepted the case examiner’s decision.

In a statement, Bucks Council confirmed that it had referred Miss Band to Social Work England over the incident but would not comment on what action it would take against her.

A council spokesperson said: “Buckinghamshire Council referred this matter to Social Work England following an investigation into the incident.

“Employment matters are confidential between the Council and the employee.”