YOUNGSTERS aged under 18 have been banned from buying eggs without a note from their parents after trouble flared in their village.

There have been reports of trouble-makers throwing eggs, vandalising property and intimidating the elderly in Seer Green over the past month.

Police are putting together a number of initiatives to cut crime including asking the village shop not to sell eggs to the under-18s.

Sergeant Gerry Lister, of Beaconsfield police, told the Free Press: "Eggs were being thrown so we visited the only shop in the village that sells them.

"We asked the shopkeeper not to sell eggs to anyone under 18 unless they have a letter from their mum."

Lynn Stigwood, owner of Orchard Stores, in Orchard Road, said: "If trouble-makers come in for eggs I would say 'on yer bike'."

Police have also spoken to parents, Seer Green Parish Council, the youth team leader at South Bucks District Council and the youth club to try to resolve the problems.

Sergeant Lister said: "We have put in 100 hours of police time into dealing with the problems in the village."

Officers have been carrying out patrols with high-powered torches, checking dark trouble spots, such as the cemetery and the woods throughout the evening.

The police are looking at preparing letters for parents warning them about the anti-social behaviour of certain youngsters.

Sergeant Lister said: "Lots of people in the village are saying this vandalism is happening and they know who is doing it but they are not telling us. What we need is a list of names regarding the incidents. We are not looking for a witch hunt but to stop this situation in its tracks and improve the quality of life for people in Seer Green."