AN UNROADWORTHY van has been left near a school entrance on High Wycombe’s Philip Road for months - despite the road markings and residents’ reports to the council.

The white Transit van first appeared on the zigzag lines near the Hannah Ball School’s entrance around December last year, residents have said.

Following a report to the Bucks Council via the reporting portal on January 17, angry residents now demand answers from the council as to why no enforcement action has been taken against the uninsured van without its MOT.

There’s no space for young primary school children and adults with prams to squeeze past the van, forcing them on to the road, residents added.

All residents asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals.

Bucks Free Press: Transit van parked on school entrance zigzag linesTransit van parked on school entrance zigzag lines

One told the Bucks Free Press: “Children have trouble getting past it and they have to walk on the road.

“The road is blocked off during school pick up times, but people do still drive up here.

When the Bucks Free Press visited the cul-de-sac on a weekday, the van was parked on the ‘keep clear’ road markings in front of a ‘no stopping’ sign prohibiting weekday parking between 8am- 5pm.

While Philip Road is a dead-end, it extends to a private driveway on a hill, which turns sharply onto the school entrance gate.

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Bucks Free Press: The uninsured Transit van has reportedly been on the pavement since December 2021The uninsured Transit van has reportedly been on the pavement since December 2021

Another resident said: “Children who are dropped off by car at the bottom of the road have to walk up to the school in the middle of the road by themselves.

“How are children supposed to get to school safely?”

Apparently, the road is busy in the morning with residents leaving to work and service cars to the school and Bucks Free Press saw a bin lorry enter the school premises.

On the other side of the road, a van partially parked on the zigzag lines and a trailer were seen blocking the pavement, and residents said they had been blocking access since February.

Bucks Free Press: Parking on the other side of Philip Road encroached on the zigzag lineParking on the other side of Philip Road encroached on the zigzag line

Residents didn’t know who owned the Transit van.

Councillor Peter Strachan, Buckinghamshire Council Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment said: “We are aware of the vehicle in question outside Hannah Ball School in High Wycombe and thank residents for bringing this to our attention.

"Our officers have issued a Penalty charge notice and have reported the illegally parked vehicle to DVLA for no road tax and MOT.

"An investigation has been initiated to establish if the vehicle has been abandoned and subsequently requires further intervention by our service. i.e. removal.

"We apologise for any inconvenience the vehicle has caused and hope to resolve the issue as quickly as we can.”

The Hannah Ball School was contacted for a comment.

Thames Valley Police said they could not comment on the matter as it is down to the council to enforce the rules.