Fuel prices have hit a record high this week, leaving drivers wondering where they can top up their tanks without breaking the bank. 

The average cost of a litre of diesel reached a new high of 170.1p on Thursday, up from 167.4p on Wednesday, according to figures from data firm Experian Catalist. 

The rise is in prices is largely down to Russia's invasion of the Ukraine - which has seen sanctions on Russian oil and gas hit UK consumers. 

The website petrolprices.com offers information on where you can petrol and what the current price is. 

These are the top cheapest for unleaded in Bucks according to the latest figures on the website: 

1. Morrisons High Wycombe - 154.7p on March 11

2. Harvest Energy Aylesbury (Highfield Service Station) - 155.9p on March 9

3. Tesco Aylesbury - 155.9p on March 11 

4. Jet Aylesbury (Ash Service Station) - 157.9p on March 8

5. BP Aylesbury Road (HKS Wendover) - 157.9p on March 9 

6. Esso Main Road Walters Ash - 159.9p on March 9 

7. Shell (Shell Budgens Aston Clinton) - 160.9p on March 9

8. Esso Amersham Road (Wycombe North Express) - 162.9p on March 9

9. Esso Wendover Road (Borough Service Station Aylesbury) - 162.9p on March 11 

10. Esso Tring Road (Adams Corner Service Station, Aylesbury) - 162.9p on March 11

11. Harvest Energy Holmer Green - 163.9p on March 11

12. Jet Desborough Park Road, High Wycombe - 163.9p on March 11

13. Esso Camborne Avenue (MFG Aylesbury) - 163.9p on March 11 

14. Esso Amersham Road (Hazlemere Cross Roads) - 164.9p on March 11

15. Shell Hazlemere Crossroads - 164.9p on March 10 

16. Murco High Wycombe (Pedestal Garage) - 164.9p on March 9 

17. Esso Princes Risborough (Bell Service Station) - 169.9p on March 11 

18. BP High Wycombe (West End Service Station) - 170.9p on March 9

19. Shell Princes Risborough (Longwick) - 171.9p on March 11 

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said drivers will be “wondering whether these record rises are ever going to stop”.

He went on: “While prices may well continue to go up in the coming days, oil and wholesale fuel prices dropped for the second day in a row yesterday which should hopefully slow, or even halt, the cycle of escalating pump prices in the next week or so as retailers buy new stock at lower prices.

“There is, however, a concern they will be reluctant to lower their prices for fear of catching a cold if wholesale costs were to jump back up again.

“The oil price drop, which was the biggest since the early stages of the pandemic, was caused by traders becoming less concerned about supply disruption.

“The barrel price fell almost nine US dollars on Thursday from 129.41 dollars to 120.99 dollars having already come down from nearly 138 dollars on Tuesday.”