A major overhaul of Cressex Business Park in High Wycombe could finally see the end of some big problems – including a lack of parking, “appalling” litter and long traffic queues at rush hour.

Taking inspiration from Globe Park in Marlow, Cressex Business Park, which is home to major companies like Hovis, Biffa and Arriva, is hoping to become a BID – a Business Improvement District – which will help make it a better place to work and visit.

Turning the huge industrial park into a BID area will see participating businesses pay a ‘levy’, which those behind the project say will bring in around £235,000 a year – or £.18 million over five years - money that could be put back into the area for improvements.

Some of the most pressing issues the BID, if successful in coming to fruition, hopes to tackle include congestion on key routes through the business park and at the entry and exit points, availability of parking, a lack of signage and improving how the site actually looks.

At the last High Wycombe Town Committee, Margaret McCarthy, who is the Globe Park Business Park BID Manager and is also on the Cressex BID team, said: “I’m sure everyone is familiar with the key issues – access and egress congestion, availability of parking, site aesthetics, facilities or lack of, signage and wayfinding, particularly with the way it is structured and the number of offshoot roads and knowing whereabouts businesses are, and a sense of business community.

“There are a lot of businesses at Cressex that are really looking quite strongly to work with other businesses and form a community where they can communicate and help improve the area as a group.

“There’s also currently lots of street litter and areas that can be improved to bring the site together.”

Turning Globe Park into a BID has helped make some major improvements, Ms McCarthy said – including creating more than 400 new parking spaces and adding double yellow lines to tackle chronic parking problems, and reducing empty units from 37 per cent in 2015 to less than 10 per cent in 2022.

She added: “We had safety critical issues with congestion, where cars were parking on corners and HGVs wouldn’t be able to get around and it would create complete standstill. We got a TRO [Traffic Regulation Order] in and it has proved to be really successful.”

They have already started some “quick-win” projects at Cressex including site zoning, which will help break up the site and allow visitors to know where they can go for different businesses, and getting employees out to enjoy the green areas round the site including the Chairborough nature reserve.

The first issue – one that most businesses on Cressex Business Park are concerned about – is reducing congestion. Ms McCarthy said the BID would “look to lobby for new investment for transport infrastructure, review and improve parking options and focus on sustainable transport solutions”.

They will also create a business park management service so there’s a single point of contact for businesses to liaise with, improve the facilities and amenities so people can get around the site without needing to use their car and look at employee incentives to attract and keep talent.

Ms McCarthy added: “We’re also looking at introducing a cleaner and more attractive business park, landscaping, improving unit numbering and signage and obviously making it a safe and secure environment.”

There will also be a directory of all businesses on site and an online interactive map with all their details on.

Cllr Julia Wassell was pleased with the plans and said she hoped there would be more than just some trees planted on the site.

She said: “It’s difficult to find places on the estate so I’m pleased to hear about the signposting. A café would really do it good, and some innovative landscaping – some big statues of industrial art might attract people up there.”

You can find out more about the plans for Cressex BID at their website - cressexbid.co.uk