PEOPLE go missing every day across the UK with the emergency services working quickly to find them.

Unfortunately, some people who have gone missing have never been found and their bodies have been classed as 'unidentified'.

The UK Missing Persons Unit has published a list of the people who have been found dead but have not been named due to missing information.

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Each case file has information as to where and how the person died and their description of how they look and what they were wearing.

If you may know this person then you can contact the Missing Persons Unit here

Wraysbury man

Bucks Free Press:

Circumstances: Male body found in the river near Wraysbury on August 22, 2012.

Description: Male, aged between 25 - 35, White European, slim build.

Beaconsfield man

Circumstances: Skeletal remains were found in an unused shed on the Portman Burley Estate in August 2007. Man (no drawing available) believed to have been dead for seven years and two months. 

Description: Male, aged 20-30, between 5'6 and 5'8 and in possession of a grey rucksack

Dorney man

Bucks Free Press:

Found in the Jubilee River at Dorney on May, 1. Believed to have been in the water for approximately two weeks.
Description: Male, 25 - 35, Stocky build, short brown hair.

Great Milton man

Bucks Free Press:

Circumstances: Man was struck by a vehicle after falling from a lorry on the M40 in Great Milton whilst trying to attract attention. Incident: January 26, 2000.

Description: Male, aged 17-30, dark European, 5'6

Donnington man

Bucks Free Press:

This man was found in baled straw in an open-fronted shed within the grounds of 'Red Lodge', Donnington, adjacent to the old A34 in West Berkshire.

He is 60-year's-old and was found dead on March 4, 1979.

Windsor man

Bucks Free Press:

Circumstances: Found in the River Thames in Windsor on 11 April, 1990. 

Description: Male, aged 25-40, white European, 6'0, medium build, dark brown collar-length hair, moustache. 

Slough man

Bucks Free Press:

This man was found on the railway line at Slough on August 3, 1970 having been struck by a train.
He is aged between 50 and 60 year's-old and is of a medium build.

Iver man

Circumstances: Stepped out in front of a lorry on B470 in Iver on May 30, 1973. Pronounced dead at Wexham Park Hospital. 

Description: Male, aged 30-45, thin build, 6'0, black wavy hair.