A traveller site could be extended to allow for more family homes.

Mr Sweeney has submitted to Bucks Council a ‘change of use’ application relating to a field off Marsh Lane in the village of Bishopstone (Aylesbury Vale).

It is understood Mr Sweeney wishes to extend an existing traveller site, known as The Willows.

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A planning application outlines the creation of five new ‘traveller pitches, siting one mobile home and one touring caravan per pitch’ (10 in total).

The proposal also includes 10 new parking spaces that will also be created.

The Willows currently has planning permission for four pitches, according to a report.

Bucks Free Press:

Site location

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Bucks Free Press:

Proposed site plan

“The proposal seeks to create a total of five additional pitches as an extension to an existing traveller site,” a statement.

“For clarity for any public representations, the proposal is seeking to provide accommodation for five additional households only, and each individual caravan would not be occupied as a separate residential unit, only as a part of the residential use of the ‘pitch’, which in this instance is defined to mean one mobile home and one touring caravan.”

Government planning policy for traveller sites aims to “increase the number of traveller sites in appropriate locations with planning permission, to address under provision and maintain an appropriate level of supply”.

It also states that Local Planning Authorities (LPA) should set pitch targets and “identify a supply of specific deliverable sites sufficient to provide five years’ worth of sites”.

“With regard to the LPA’s position on their five-year supply of traveller pitches within the district, it is submitted that there is an identified shortfall within the district,” a statement.

“The proposed pitches would provide more space for households currently occupying the existing site, who are in need of their own individual accommodation.

“The applicant is seeking to provide such accommodation for their family, who have now formed their own households, and are in need of their own individual accommodation.

“There is a clear preference for the wider family group to be able to remain in close proximity to one another, and this can only be achieved through the expansion of the existing site.”

The wider site has also been subject to enforcement action and high court injunctions, relating to “operational development” and “breach of conditions”, a report also reveals.

Mr Sweeney is now awaiting a decision from Bucks Council.

To view and comment on the plans, use planning portal reference: 22/05324/FUL.