The world-famous fried chicken shop KFC was expected to open its first Amersham branch for Christmas, but KFC remains tight lipped about the mysterious opening date amid online speculation.

The reasons for the delay were unclear, but rumours on social media in January suggested “electrical issues” in the shop located on Sycamore Road in the former Lloyds TBS bank property.

Now, the Amersham fans of fried chicken are still in the dark about the opening, and many have expressed their irritation and disbelief on social media.

A picture of the Amersham shop front show the famous red, white and black Kentucky Fried Chicken logo and opening hours 11am until 11pm seven days a week.

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Tens of social media users expressed their amusement, disbelief and anticipation online because of the still shut branch.

One said: “In think after the three month delay we should be getting free KFC”

Another said: “Won’t be long. What does that mean? It would be nice to get an official announcement from KFC.”

One social media user said they’d rather have a bank to use than KFC.

A KFC spokesperson commented: “We know the people of Amersham have been eagerly awaiting our shiny new coop, and we can’t wait to see them.

“We hope to be serving our delicious fried chicken just in time for summer.

“Watch this space!”

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Despite the anticipation online, not everyone welcomed the branch to Amersham with open arms.

In the 12 letters of objections to the restaurant’s planning application to Bucks Council, concerns focused on problems with loss of retail, waste disposal, increase in foot traffic, increase in crime rates and the chicken restaurant not benefitting the community.

Once open, the new branch will create around 50 jobs.