Three banks in Beaconsfield are set to close in the coming months leaving Joy Morrissey MP concerned with the town's access to cash.

Mrs Morrissey will be meeting with representatives from HSBC, Lloyds and Halifax, to ask for explanations behind the closures of a number of branches in such a short space of time.

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She has also approached the Post Office, to meet and discuss what role they can play in making sure that local residents continue to have access to banking services and particularly access to cash.

Mrs Morrissey said: “With more and more bank branches closing in my constituency, it is incredibly important to me that we secure local banking services for local people.

"I am acting this week to hold the banks accountable for their decisions, to secure local banking services through the Post Office, and to urge the Chancellor to legislate to protect access to cash.”

In addition to acting at the local level, Mrs Morrissey has also written to Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, to urge him to act swiftly to help protect access to cash. 

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The letter reads: "I have been deeply disturbed by the alarming acceleration of bank branch closures in my constituency.

"In the town of Beaconsfield alone, we are going to lose three bank branches by the end of the summer.

"This is not a new trend, but one that has been accelerated by the changes wrought on our behaviour during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

"In a way, it is welcome that more people are taking up the advantages of online or telephone banking.

"However, for those who still rely on access to their local bank, they are seeing a vital service stripped away from them.

"I am working hard to delay these closures wherever I can, and engaging with partners, like the Post Office, to try and find alternative provision for my constituents.

"This is not an easy task, with most banks seemingly having made their final decision to close branches long before they inform local communities.

"I was delighted when you announced, in the March Budget of 2020, that the Government was committed to legislating to protect access to cash.

"The action taken in the Financial Services Act 2021 to facilitate the wide-spread adoption of cashback, without a purchase, was definitely a step in the right direction.

"With the consultation on ensuring local provision of cash withdrawal and deposit facilities having come to a close in September of last year, I would urge the Treasury to forge ahead in getting these additional protections onto the statute books.

"We need these proposals to come forward swiftly, to protect our access to cash, before it is too late."