A NEW green bin charge has sparked a call for a boycott by residents – while others said people may just burn garden waste instead.

Bucks Council recently agreed an “opt-in” garden waste collection charge for residents in the Wycombe area from July, of £50 per bin, per year.

Upon hearing the news, locals aired their frustrations.

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Some called it “backward thinking”, arguing it might encourage more garden bonfires.

Some argued for an “opt-out” scheme and a £50 reduction in council tax for those who have no need for a green bin.

Others said it would encourage less recycling and people would just stuff all waste in black bags in the wrong bin.

One person suggested no one opted in, to “send a clear signal” residents have “had enough of paying extra for things we already pay too much for”.

Labour councillor Melanie Smith called it a flat “bin tax”.

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People in the former Wycombe district area are not currently charged, but other areas such as the former Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern, and South Bucks patches are.

Cabinet member for climate change and environment, Cllr Peter Strachan said: “It is neither logical nor fair to provide a free service in only one area of the county.”

Katie West: “I strongly suggest no one at all opts in to send a clear signal that we have had enough of paying extra for things we already pay too much for.”

Steve Walker: “Looks like backward thinking as it’s not very green when everyone starts burning the garden rubbish once again.”

Linda Leonard: “Everyone will start putting garden waste in the general waste bin, and will have more bonfires. Not sure what our council tax is actually paying for.”

Tracey Moore: “Surely an ‘opt out’ scheme would be better. Those who have no need for a green bin could receive a £50 reduction to their council tax. It might reduce their rounds, reducing fuel costs etc.”

Ziggy Harnett: “People just won’t recycle, everything in black bags in the grey bin.”

Charlotte Wood: “I don’t even know why we pay council tax. Our bins get emptied weeks late. The streets are dirty and the roads are terrible.”

Will Streule: “Double taxation.”

Alex Helen: “Cue more fly-tipping.”

Cllr Smith: “I’d pressed the council about this in several meetings and was always fobbed off. There was a total lack of transparency about this. Whilst I appreciate the council has to raise funds from somewhere as they are given less from central government, this is another kick in the teeth for struggling families. It’s a bin tax.”

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