The MP voiced frustration for residents in the constituency after a minister said HS2 construction would ‘ramp-up’.

The MP for Chesham and Amersham Sarah Green criticised HS2 in the House of Commons on March 31 for lack of respect towards communities affected by the railway’s construction.

She said:“I note that the company’s community engagement strategy, last updated in October, is titled “Respecting People, Respecting Places”.

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“It seems that HS2 Ltd and its contractors are doing neither.

“Just before Christmas, HS2 Ltd presented some of my constituents with the gift of a notice of entry declaring that it would be entering their homes to install movement monitoring apparatus. I am sure Members can imagine how distressing it was when my constituents were then unable to contact HS2 Ltd for weeks to understand what that meant in practice.

"Separately, a parish council was shocked to learn that its local children’s play area and duck pond were subject to a notice of temporary possession.

"It was later clarified that that was just a precaution, but it is precisely this lack of clarity in communications that causes unnecessary distress.

"HS2 Ltd is failing to communicate transparently, exacerbating the already strained relationship with communities, who feel they are having this project imposed on them.

HS2 Ltd was treating interactions with people and environment like a tick-box exercise and doing only the bare minimum, she said.

HS2 Ltd was contacted for a comment. 

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