An Aylesbury man is hoping to do his bit to help disabled children across the country by partaking in a fundraising bungee jump this month.

Edward Richings, who owns the law firm, A.D.E Wills in Oxford, will be plummeting from heights of around 160ft on April 30 in London, to help raise £350 for the cause, KIDS.

When asked why he had chosen that figure, the lawyer explained: “I have chosen the target value as £350 as this value would help KIDS to support a disabled child who is at risk of exclusion from school for a whole year, or re-integrate them if they have been excluded.

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“However, I am keen for us to raise more for their great cause.”

And on the ‘jump’ itself, he revealed: “Just the thought of having to actually 'jump' from that height gives me anxiety already!

“But I am excited as it provides an opportunity for me to assist where I can for a charity which I respect and value highly.”

At the time of writing, £55 of the £350 has been raised.

To donate to the cause, visit