After an 88-year-old Lola Sledmere had her PIN stolen and thousands of pounds rinsed from her bank account in a distraction theft at Amersham Tesco, other victims have come forward.

Amelia Kennedy’s encounter with the thieves happened on March 30, as she returned her trolley to the bay at Tesco Superstore, London Road West.

As one man asked her for directions to Boots Pharmacy, an accomplice stole her purse out of her handbag from her car behind her, Ms Kennedy said.

“He had a foreign accent, so I assumed he didn’t know the town,” she said.

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By the time I got home I got a notification from the bank that one of my cards was blocked.”

She only realised afterwards she must have been followed in the store and her PIN stolen when she used the card in Tesco.

“These people can be seen on the CCTV stalking and following me for almost two hours around Tesco.”

Although she traced them using her cards in Sainsbury’s and Argos in Beaconsfield, her report to the police is yet to be dealt with despite her attempts to chase it up.

She said: “Women are not safe even to do shopping anymore

“I feel violated and not safe to go down to Tesco anymore.

“I am disgusted that the police doesn’t even bother to make an effort with all the information I gave them.”

Tania Coker’s 77-year-old mother was burgled in similar fashion to Lola Sledmere in Tesco Amersham on November 4.

Apparently, her elderly mother’s PIN was first stalked and stolen inside Tesco by a man captured on CCTV.

Her purse was then snatched from her trolley in the car park.

Within half an hour from the theft, the thieves used her card to withdraw £200 at Barclay’s and spent around £250 in Collins and Jervis in Amersham.

On top of the withdrawals, her mother also lost the cash in her purse.

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Ms Coker commented how the ordeal has affected her mother: “My mum feels very nervous.

“Like she’s being watched.

Like the other victims did, she later saw her mother’s ordeal unfold on Tesco's CCTV.

“The man was not wearing any face covering, clearly stalking my mum through the store.”

She’s shocked at the lack of sympathy her mother’s bank, Tesco and the Thames Valley Police have shown.

Her mother’s bank “wouldn’t give her money back as they had her PIN, and Thames Valley Police said not enough evidence.”

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We were sorry to hear about this incident and ask our customers to remain vigilant by locking their cars and remembering not to leave any valuables in the car.

“We have CCTV in place and mobile security units patrol the car park to deter criminal activity, and we ask customers to report any unusual behaviour to our security guards.”

After Bucks Free Press contacted Thames Valley Police, the force said: "Following a report of a theft in Amersham in November 2021, the investigation was subsequently filed, pending further information coming to light.

"After a review of the case, this investigation has been re-opened with a view to reviewing CCTV evidence to ascertain whether a suspect can be identified.

"Should there be a reasonable line of enquiry with regards identifying any potential suspect, the victim will be made aware, and will be kept updated on any progress in the investigation."