A BMW driver caught speeding at over 100mph "for love" is facing prosecution after he was caught by police.

On Easter Sunday, unmarked patrols from Thames Valley Police spent part of the day on the M40, keeping an eye out for law-breakers and offenders.

While the majority of drivers were driving safely, a small number were pulled over for a variety of suspected offences.

One driver was pulled over after he was caught driving at 102mph. When the officers asked him why he was driving at such high speed, he responded by saying that he was on his way to see his girlfriend and that "love made me do it."

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Unfortunately for him, the officers were not in such a loving mood, reporting the driver to court, where he could face prosecution.

The officers caught several other offenders while on the road, including drivers who were recorded speeding at 91mph, 90mph and 89mph.

One driver was pulled over for not being in proper control of their vehicle, and two others were pulled over for careless driving after they were seen undertaking at speed.

On social media, TVP Roads Policing said: "Unmarked enforcement on the M40 this morning. 

"The majority of Egg-cellent motorists were driving safely, thank you. 

"The motorist stopped doing 102mph was driving to see his girlfriend and said love made him do it.

"Reported straight to court."

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