The volunteer-run Sustainable Amersham is hosting a free talk about solar panels at Amersham Library in Chilterns Lifestyle Centre on April 30.

The first talk in their green energy talk series will start at 11am with sustainability consultant and Amersham resident Christoph Geppert sharing his solar panel installation experience.  

Sustainable Amersham is a group of volunteer residents helping people to take practical everyday action against climate change.

The Green Energy group secretary Maria Angeles Leon said: “We have been working on a plan for this year on the basic items people should focus on to manage your household energy more sustainably.

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“The choice of solar panels came from having a very fresh real-life sample from one of our collaborators in Amersham.

“We have also felt quite a bit of interest among the community on the subject and thought having someone who has gone through the process explain the steps and answer questions would be really helpful.”

The Green Energy group helps with tips on insulation and saving, electrifying where possible like using electric cars and heat pumps, and moving to renewable energy for example solar panels and renewable providers.

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