A mother was left "disgusted" after finding a dog abandoned and tied to a lamppost in an alleyway late at night. 

Bindi Livett and her son found the sweet female grey and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier tied to a lamppost in Wyatt Close in High Wycombe late on April 14. 

The distraught mother said she could not believe someone could be so cruel as to abandon a pet - and Bindi and her son sat with the dog all night until she was collected at 9am the next day. 

She claims they received no help from the authorities when they called them, and although the police arrived at the scene while the pair had returned home to get the poor pup some food and water, they simply cordoned off the alleyway but left the dog there.

There are fears the "lovely" Staffie, who was not chipped, may have been used for breeding and then callously abandoned. 

Bindi says the dog was taken to a safe place by SDK Dog Services - animal welfare officers who work on behalf of a number of local authorities. 


In a bid to "name and shame" the cruel culprits, Bindi posted photos of the dog on social media to see if anyone recognised her. 

The post says: "Do you know who owns this lovely girl? She’s possibly just had puppies… She was tied up to a lamppost in Wyatt Close early hours of this morning… 

"After trying police, RSPCA, vets, the local warden came at 9am…. She’s now safe! Bless her."

Bindi says she has been left "angry and upset" by the incident, and said the dog was not aggressive, just scared. 

So far, the post has been shared more than 2,600 times and Bindi hopes that by sharing the story publicly, she can find the person responsible. 

Dogs are held by SDK for a period of seven days before being placed for adoption if they are not claimed or the owner cannot provide proof of ownership. 

Bindi says she will be keeping tabs on the sweet girl to find out what is happening with her after handing her over to wardens.