The dedicated club has been a meeting hub for canine lovers and their pets for more than half a century.

Amersham Dog Training Club was formed in 1962, and has been faithfully training pooches ever since its inception.

This year marks the Club’s 60th birthday, celebrated in the Amersham Village Hall on Monday April 25 at 7.30pm.

Michael Stewart, the Club’s Chairperson, said: “Everyone who has been associated with the club in the past is very welcome.

“However, although celebrating our 60th anniversary, we are very much part of Amersham and Buckinghamshire area today.”

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Training of pet dogs – who become like family members for many owners – enhances safety for the community and other animals.

Mr Stewart said: “The club plays an important role in keeping dogs and their families safe in the community through training by mimicking everyday situations which we all encounter daily. 

“This includes traffic, deliveries, roads, crossings and schools. 

“Joining the club helps dogs pay attention to their owners and help them adapt to unusual situations without any disruptive behaviour.

“I have had several dogs since joining the club and seen improvement in all aspects of behaviour and all my dogs are much calmer and happy as a result of training over 10 years. 

“I also know that I am not alone in not having the perfectly behaved dog!

 “The dedication of the trainer's, all with vast experience of training dogs, encourage everyone who has a puppy to get involved with 'socialisation’ with other pups in a controlled and guided way as soon as possible, particularly those who gained a dog during lockdown.”

Not even Covid lockdown stopped the training classes.

The club was able to move over to Zoom, an “adaptation by our resourceful, committed trainers to the dogs and people of Buckinghamshire during the worst of the pandemic,” Chairperson Stewart said.

The club’s weekly training sessions take place in Amersham Village Hall, and are led by paid trained trainers.

Mr Stewart said: ““We do get people coming in saying “my grandmother used to be a member”, and that’s lovely to hear.

“We have around 60 members, but it’s a circular thing so people come and go, and we don’t ever want classes over or under booked to give the best quality of training.

The club even has a citizen award for the best behaving dog.

For new puppy parents, the club has a specialist puppy training class, which is also a chance to meet likeminded people.

Figures from the animal charity PDSA show there are around 9.6 million pet dogs in the country, and 26 percent of UK adults own a dog.

In South East, around 21 percent of people have a dog, figures from Pet Food Manufacturer's Association show.

Those wishing to attend are asked to click attend on the group's Facebook page due to parking numbers.