Drivers in the heart of Amersham were slapped with fines and points on their licence for bad parking.

Thames Valley Police cracked down on illegal parking on Sycamore Road, infamous for parking on zig-zag lines as people visit the nearby shops.

The force said on Twitter they were “out on the beat”, when they spotted the red Mini Cooper parked on the zebra crossing zig-zag lines.

They said: “The driver has been reported and now faces points on their licence.

“These lines are there for everyone’s safety, please do not park on them.”

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In 2020, the police fined and gave points to two drivers at the same spot, and warned on social media at the time:

"Popping into the shops is no excuse!"

Zig-zag lines at zebra crossings and for example school entrances mean drivers must not park or overtake there, as parking could risk blocking pedestrian view and cause a danger.

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