A social media post showed the Beaconsfield MPs surgery placard with graffiti scribbled on it.

The civic society Beaconsfield Society posted a picture on their social media on April 19, showing black graffiti text under Joy Morrissey’s details.

The graffiti said: “Lacking a moral compass & a fully functioning intellect.”

Joy Morrissey commented the incident on April 21: “It is disappointing that someone has chosen to stoop to mindless vandalism and personal insults.

“The sign has now been restored.”

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Tens of comments filled the social media post, with many pointing out there are other ways to show disagreement with the constituency’s MP.

One commentator joked: “Social unrest, Beaconsfield style”, in reference to the articulated style not often seen in street graffiti.  

Another commentator said: “If it was written by Banksy it could be worth a fortune.”

Beaconsfield Society said: “Graffiti is not good anywhere in our town.

“We are better than this people.

“Disagree by all means but not with criminal damage.”

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