A TOWN council has vowed to rid a children’s play area of “offensive” graffiti.

Gerrards Cross Town Council said it will remove graffiti from a playground at the Common after some parents raised concerns.

Local mum Kate Mann said the adult words were “so rude for little eyes”, adding there is a “growing problem” of graffiti in the area.

Another mum said the language is “offensive” and that she would not want her children to see it.

When contacted, the town council said it had been to the playground and that it would remove the graffiti.

“Regardless of being offensive, it’s just plain ignorant and wrong but yes, even worse when the words are so rude for little eyes,” said Kate. “We have a growing problem in Gerrards Cross and surrounding villages with graffiti and it’s making our lovely area look so tatty.”

“I have inspected the site and it will be removed,” said the town council clerk.