PLANS to bulldoze a period property for flats is set for refusal – amid dozens of objections from neighbours.

Bucks Council could throw out an application by Mr and Mrs John-Paul Stalder for Northwold, 33 Austenway in Chalfont St Peter, after a big pushback from the community.

The applicants seek permission for the demolition of the house – described as early 20th Century in a “typical Arts and Crafts style” – and annex on site, and the erection of four flats within a two-and-a-half-storey building, and widened vehicle access.

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Twelve parking spaces are also proposed (eight within a concealed car port).

However, the plans, which first emerged in January to local concerns about its size, potential loss of light, and traffic, have received yet more objections – 83 in total.

Many are from the local community, but also Chalfont St Peter Parish Council.

Fresh concerns from neighbours highlight potential overlooking, overdevelopment, parking issues, the “destruction of a period property”, and that it will “set a poor precedent in the area”.

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While councillors Jonathan Rush, Isobel Darby, and Celia Stuart-Lee have also weighed in on behalf of locals.

“I object strongly to this application,” Cllr Stuart-Lee said. “The size of the property far exceeds that of the other properties on the road.

“It does not comply with [planning policy] and is not in keeping with the houses on Austenway.

“If this planning application were allowed to go through, it would set a very worrying precedent for further inappropriate development.”

“There is widespread resident concern that the proposed development of a…block of apartments is out of character,” Cllr Rush added.

“Overall, the proposed development is not considered to conform with the standards set out in the Chiltern and South Bucks Townscape Character Study,” a report states.

“The specific design of the proposal, including the bulky mass and scale, is considered to be out of character with the prevailing pattern of development and character along Austenway. It would result in an imposing and intrusive building bulk which would visually dominate the street scene.

“The provision of a large area of hardstanding within the development site accommodating 12 vehicular parking spaces would dominate the plot. It would detract from the distinctive pattern of low-density housing with mature landscape plots and further emphasise the urbanisation of the plot which would be at odds and cause harm.”

Councillors will debate the matter at a planning meeting on May 3.

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