A MOTHER said a path littered with dog waste bags should have proper bins before her family slips in the “constant filth”.

Lauren Haig said the small path she takes with her disabled partner and infant son on their way to Denham Woodlands Nursery should have dog waste bins as people keep leaving full bags along their route.

She said the path is opposite The Denham Film Studios and leading to the nursery which she takes her son (three) to, and a local surgery.

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Lauren said they prefer this way as it cuts out walking along the main road – but that they are forced to step or “jump over” the dog waste bags left behind.

She said she is “always scared” her family will fall in it.

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Asking for help online, she wrote: “Does anyone know who or where I would complain about the lack of dog poo bins? The small walkway to the doctors/nursery is completely overrun with dog poo bags directly on the walkway.”

“It is the walkway opposite The Denham Film Studios, leading to the flats near the doctors,” she added.

“Me and my partner – who is disabled – and my three-year-old son prefer to go this way as it cuts out the main roads to his nursery.

“But dodging the constant filth is awful. I’m always scared my partner or son will slip on the bags.

“We have to walk or jump over them.”

Cllr Peter Strachan, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment said: “We thank the resident for raising this issue and we are arranging to remove the litter. Residents can use our website to report dog fouling and to request a new bin if they feel a particular place would benefit from it.

“It’s disappointing to hear people aren’t disposing of waste responsibly and we would remind everyone of their duty to do so – we all have a part to play in keeping public spaces tidy and safe for everyone to enjoy.”

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