AN investigation is underway after a bus went off the road on a “tight bend” this weekend.

Arriva said it is looking into an incident in which one of its vehicles went off the road while heading down Rutland Avenue, in High Wycombe, on Sunday (May 1).

Images show the single-decker, named “Ricki Akhter” after local resident and charity worker Ricki Akhter Hussein, mounted on a metal corner rail with both front wheels off the ground.

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It is still not known how or why it came to be in that position – but local Neesbah Yasin said she knows the bend at the bottom of Rutland Avenue to be “very risky” as drivers speed up when approaching it.

Had the bus gone over the rail, it could have smashed into some electrical boxes on the other side.

Bucks Free Press:

The Arriva bus mounted on the metal rail 

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And, although it gained a lot of public interest, Arriva confirmed no one was hurt.

“It happened on Sunday,” said Neesbah. “I can’t confirm if [the driver just losing control is] exactly what happened but I’m assuming that as people speed up that bend the other side.

“It’s very risky as it’s quite a tight bend, especially if you’re coming up it and can’t see the other side coming down.

“Considering how risky it is, it still doesn’t stop people speeding up.”

Bucks Free Press:

The bus with electrical boxes beyond 

“We can confirm the incident did take place, this is being investigated currently and there were no injuries,” an Arriva spokesman said.