NEEDLES and drug bags found behind flats have prompted a warning to children and dogwalkers.

Local Karyn Robinson took to social media to warn people about discarded syringes and drug paraphernalia found behind the Pastures in High Wycombe.

Karyn said the litter was on a trail through some bushes between the Pastures service road and a path running along the nature reserve area.

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Karyn said this is not the first instance, adding she had known of drugs being found in the grounds of a local museum – and in an alleyway between Kelvin Close and Hughenden Road.

She said drugs in the area is a “big issue”, adding more police patrols and counselling for users would be beneficial.

Bucks Council asked locals to report littering to it, which Karyn did, and suspected drug abuse to police.

Bucks Free Press:

Needles and drug bags found 

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Alerting locals online, Karyn wrote: “Warning – found syringes and other contraband behind the flats on the Pastures. Just on a trail through the bushes between the Pastures service road and the path running along the nature reserve area. Take care with dogs and kids. I’ve reported it.”

She added: “I’ve reported it to Fix My Street on the council website. Last year I found a syringe on the alleyway steps leading from Kelvin Close up to Hughenden Road as well. It is a big issue at the moment.

“I think it’s a really complex matter – police are often the safety net for many issues in society. I think the average copper on regular duty isn’t enough to tackle this. Maybe more police time set aside to patrol, or specific teams to investigate or track repeating offenders. I don’t know if they already have this though.

“The council could be doing more with long term solutions rather than the police moving these people on (when they do see it happening). Rehabilitation? Help them? There’s no easy answer is there and of course, all costs money.”

Cllr Steve Bowles, cabinet member for communities said: “All reports of litter in public areas are investigated and will be cleared as soon as possible by our street cleansing teams. We would advise members of the public to be careful if they come across litter of this kind and to report it to us. We would also urge people to report issues of drug related activity, such as suspected drug dealing, direct to the police by calling 101 or reporting online. In an emergency dial 999.

“Our community safety teams work closely with the police, drug support services and other partners to provide support and assistance to those affected by drugs and addiction issues and protect our local communities.”

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