A local man has been issued with a protection warning for suspiciously interacting with young men and women.

In a letter to the man, it reveals he persistently behaved in a way that was deemed detrimental to others including with a 16-year-old girl he did not know.

Following numerous reports of the behavior in the Marlow and Medmenham area, the neighborhood policing team successfully investigated and issued a Community Protection Warning (CPW) to the man.

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The warning said: "This letter is issued by Thames Valley Police (TVP) because it is considered that you are responsible for behaviour which is persistent and/or continuing, and that is have a detrimental impact on the quality of lives of others in the local community.

"This behavior is believed to be unreasonable"

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: "We are pleased that we were able to trace the male from a vehicle number plate, identify the male and take positive action.

"We thank the community for reporting the incidents which has helped us to keep our community safe."

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