A 11-year-old girl from Amersham became a member of Mensa after she achieved a top IQ test score in the famous intelligence society’s test.

Anika Narang’s test score of 162 puts her in the top 1 percent around the world.

In October 2021, she went through the Mensa IQ test process, and recently completed her 11 plus grammar school and independent school entrance exams, including for Henrietta Barnett School, which around 5,000 other girls applied for.

Both tests had non-verbal reasoning and verbal reasoning questions.

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She said: “Obviously everyone is bit nervous and thinking how they do in this test.

“But I wasn’t particularly worried because if I was going to get worried it would affect my chances.

“I just did the test calmly, even though both were really tightly timed.”

For the school entrance exam, she had to get through 15 questions in 5 minutes, meaning an average of 20 seconds per question.

She said: “You have to think fast and just write the answer really quick.

You have to be good with logic and patterns, and figuring out synonyms for words, Anika explained.

“I got into Henrietta Barnett School, a grammar school in Barnett.

“It was the most coveted school for me, so getting into that school was a proud moment for me." 

Anika shared her top tip for those suffering from bad exam nerves.

Don’t overthink it, she said.

“Calm yourself down, don’t think too much about it – obviously think about it a bit because you have to get the answers – but don’t overthink the exam would be my advice.”

Anika’s friends were “gobsmacked” when they found out her Mensa score.

She said: “They said “oh my god, you actually did it”.

“But they guessed I would do well, because in class I often raise my hand and get loads of things right and help others.

“But they didn’t guess I’d get such a high score, higher than Einstein, Stephen Hawking or Elon Musk!”  

Anika’s favourite school subjects are English, Maths and PE, she also loves reading and solving murder mysteries.

She’s currently reading Jane Eyre, and reading books at GCSE level - often together with her banker father Vibhor Narang.

The proud father said: “There’s a lot to learn from the journey of Anika.

“Because of our reading, I’ve also developed a love for books instead of being hooked on my phone all the time.”

Anika’s determined to become a head doctor of a hospital.

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She said: “I want to be a doctor because in the pandemic I saw how much work the NHS workers were doing, the arduous hours and how they didn’t give up and just kept on going.

“They didn’t break their hope even though thousands of people were getting Covid each day.”

Her father Vibhor Narang said they were relieved to see how well Anika has landed.

“As parents it’s our duty to let her flourish and let her do what she wants.

“Not giving up at all, is what I’ve learned from Anika.”

The human IQ, which stands for intelligence quotient, is a total score derived from a set of standardised tests designed to assess human intelligence.

Twitter-owner Elon Musk's IQ is estimated between 150 to 155, while Einstein allegedly had an IQ of 160

Mensa is a membership organisation with only 20,000 members in the UK and 120,000 globally.

It aims to identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity as a whole.

Vibhor encouraged parents with questions about the 11 plus and grammar school entrance exams to get in touch with him. His contacts details can be requested from noora.mykkanen@newsquest.co.uk.