72-year-old pensioner gave his 100th donation of whole bag of blood in Thame in April.

Pete Healy, a retired PR professional from Holmer Green, started donating blood after he got married in 1975.

On average, he’s donated two times a year since the 70s.

Mr Healy said: “My blood group is O Negative which they call the ‘universal donor’ because the blood can be transfused to people with virtually every other blood group.

“It’s taken on the vehicles of paramedics, ambulances and the air ambulance for serious injuries which wouldn’t survive the journey to a hospital.

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The rules of blood donation have changed over the years.

He explained: “When I started you could only give two donations each year but that rose to three in 1990s and now men can donate 4 times each year.

Last year on World Blood Donation Day on June 14, NHS Blood and Transplant announced major changes in eligibility. 

Now, donors are assessed on a more individual basis rather than on a risk assigned to a certain group, meaning gay or bi men are eligible to donate.

During the confidential pre-donation screening process potential donors will no longer be asked if they are a man who has had sex with another man, but instead if they have had sex, and if so, about their recent sexual behaviours.

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Minister for Blood Donation, Lord Bethell, commended the changes last year, thanking the help given by LGBT charities in bringing the donation rule change.

He said: “I encourage everyone who is able to: register to donate.”

On his 100th donation round at the Spread Eagle Hotel, Mr Healy donated together with his daughter Rache, whose blood is termed RO and is often to transfuse the treatment of sickle cell anaemia. 

Lovingly teasing her father, she said her blood is rarer than his. 

Mr Healy said: “I’m also negative in various other factors, including elements called CMV & Kell, and my blood often goes to immune-deficient, newly born babies”.