A DISGRACED former police officer boasted his genitals were so ‘amazing’ that they ‘hypnotise women.’

The police constable resigned at a misconduct hearing after listening to this allegation and a long series of shocking allegations made against him.

A Thames Valley Police panel said PC Terry Quick would have been sacked anyway after the officer’s lewd messages to colleagues and inappropriate behaviour towards women were exposed.

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His seedy conduct was carried out over the course of 2020 with a large chunk of his messages sent while on duty using work phones and email.

PC Quick was found to have:

  • Tried to kiss a woman on the lips while on a walk in December 20, and when she resisted, he pulled her back towards him and kissed her on the cheek
  • Between January 2020 and October 2020, sent 1,654 ‘personal’ messages and voice calls to five women he met on dating websites using his work phone, 443 of which were sent while on duty
  • In June 2020, told a female witness in a domestic incident that he was a ‘super boyfriend’ who had ‘ten girlfriends’ before striking up a relationship with her over email through to August

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His misconduct stretched back to 2017 after it emerged PC Quick had been sending inappropriate emails to colleagues about women.

These included:

  • In November 2017, emailed a male colleague to say there was a ‘new, fit girl’ who was ‘right up his street.’
  • In September and November 2018, used a female colleague’s email account to tell a male colleague he had a large penis.
  • In March 2020, used his own work email account to attempt to persuade a male colleague to send a female staff member pictures of their genitals.
  • During the course of this conversation, he said: “she’s getting a clear picture of mine and that will make her fall deeply in love with me because that is what women look for in a man. Mine is so amazing it hypnotises women.”
  • In January 2021, emailed a male colleague instructing him to flirt with married women as they ‘love it.’
  • In January 2021, emailed a male colleague to say: “Honestly Romanian women are a nightmare but I have an obsessive addiction to them.”

After these allegations were read out at a misconduct panel hearing held at Thames Valley Police’s headquarters in Kidlington on May 3, PC Quick resigned from the force with immediate effect.

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However, the hearing proceeded in the officer’s absence and the panel found that each separate allegation had been proved or admitted.

It was agreed that PC Quick’s actions, taken as a whole, amounted to a breach of Standards of Professional Behaviour and gross misconduct.

The panel said: “The Officer’s culpability is high and obvious. His conduct was intentional and deliberate.

“He has abused his position to pursue a relationship with a potentially vulnerable woman. He only has himself to blame.

“There is no suggestion of anything that might begin to explain, still less justify his behaviour.

“The officer would have been dismissed if he had not ceased to be a member of the police force.”

PC Quick’s name was placed on the College of Policing barred list, meaning he will not be able to work as an officer ever again.