A deaf runner from High Wycombe is running the Gerrards Cross race to support the upkeep of hearing dogs, who changed her own life.

The 51-year-old RAF civil servant Jocelyne Tack is taking on the 5K running challenge GX Fun Run on May 22 to support Hearing Dogs for Deaf People – a Bucks- based national charity training specialist dogs.

Jocelyne, a keen runner, was born with hearing loss, and it affected her confidence as she felt vulnerable and anxious and avoided going anywhere on her own.

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Her first hearing dog Bruno changed everything.

Jocelyne said: “I had my first hearing dog, Bruno, just before my first child was born and he gave me huge confidence in alerting me to sounds like the smoke alarm and baby alarm, for example, as I was on my own with a new-born child and my husband was at work.

 “When Bruno passed away, his death not only affected me and my family, but all those who had come into contact with us.

“I have had four hearing dogs in the past 24 years – Bruno, Jet, Bass and now Kennedy. Bass sadly passed away very unexpectedly, and I was left without an assistance dog for a period of time, while Hearing Dogs found me another suitable match.

"This period really made me realise how much I relied on them.

"They are so important for me as my ears, but also as part of my family."

Hearing dogs can help deaf people overcome many of the challenges deafness brings, and she is proud to raise money to help someone else receive their own dog, Jocelyne added.

"Having a hearing dog allows you to step into a different world." 

Running doesn't just keep her fit physically, but helps to clear her mind, especially after a stressful or depressing day. 

 A spokesperson for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People said: “We are delighted that GX Fun Run has chosen to support Hearing Dogs for Deaf People this year.

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"The event is sure to be a lot of fun and anyone who attends will be helping us change people’s lives.”

The charity is one of the chosen charities at this year's GX Fun Run in Gerrards Cross East Common, which includes live music, food and drink stalls, and children’s entertainment alongside the running event.