The South Central Ambulance Service has confirmed why an air ambulance landed in a huge field in Aylesbury.

In the evening of Monday, May 9, a medical helicopter was seen hovering above the town’s Stoke Mandeville Stadium, as well as several cul-de-sacs in the town.

After circling areas near the hospital, as well as Southcourt and Walton Court, the air ambulance eventually landed in Cottesloe Park by Mandeville Upper School at around 8pm.

Cottlesloe Park in May 2019

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Many residents descended to the park to figure out why the helicopter had landed in the area, with a road ambulance also being present.

It was later revealed that the medical personnel had attended at a house on Freemantle Road, which is next to the park.

A statement from the South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) said: “The air ambulance team from Thames Valley was part of a response we sent to a serious medical emergency at a patient’s home nearby.”

Residents revealed to the Free Press that no patients were taken away in the air ambulance, and that they were in the area for around 30 to 40 minutes.