‘Green’ designs for new Porsche and Bentley dealerships in High Wycombe have been revealed.

Dealership Developments Ltd has revealed some “living walls” ideas for both new outlets at the site of the former leisure centre, at Handy Cross, on Marlow Hill.

The new scheme will feature a 3,935 sqm Porsche Centre, a 1,655 sqm Bentley dealership, and a 492 sqm car preparation workshop.

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Bucks Free Press:

Examples of what the walls could look like 

Showrooms, sales areas, MOT testing, offices, and around 200 parking spaces are also planned.

The new scheme will also feature “green living walls” and ten EV (electric vehicle) charge points.

It is understood Dealership Developments has asked Biotecture, a company providing sustainable hydroponic living wall systems to consult on its “living walls” idea.

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Bucks Free Press:

Images in a recent planning application show what it could look like, with examples of various facades covered in plants to ‘incorporate nature into the built environment’.

Bucks Council confirmed “conditional disposal” for both outlets in September 2021.

It is understood around 90 jobs will be created.

Bucks Free Press:

New site layout 

“Biotecture has a proven track record for successfully designing, installing and maintaining hybrid hydroponic living walls both in the UK and other parts of the world. Biotecture is an innovative green infrastructure company with a suite of urban greening products for incorporating nature into the built environment,” a statement reads.