A woman's car was hit in Chesham last week after a speeding car swerved onto her driveway.

The incident happened on May 11 around  4pm on Greenway, a long steep snaking hill dotted with driveways and steep turns.

Clare Tilbury, who only recently moved to Chesham, was left shaken and shocked after the driver of a blue series 3 BMW lost control of the car, skidded across her neighbour’s driveway and directly towards her parked car before driving off.

Ms Tilbury said: “I had been stood by my car only 20 mins earlier so it could easily have been a much more serious incident.”

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Children were walking home from school at the time, she said.  

She added: “My concern is that this type will continue to happen as I have now discovered there have been three such incidents on this bend on Greenway since January.

“Thankfully no one was injured.

“You can see the colour of his car based on the damage to mine.”

Ms Tilbury's social media post about the incident attracted comments from others, who had seen speeding on Greenway. 

One commentator called the hill part of the "Chesham F1 race track". 

The police declined to comment the road traffic collision.