A sausage dog of an elderly Wycombe woman was hit and killed in an e-scooter incident in town centre two weeks ago.

Sue Reynolds took her 14-year-old dachshund Jumbo for a morning walk on May 12 with a fellow dog owner friend.

Jumbo walked on the pavement on extendable lead as the two Parsonage Close residents turned from their residence complex and walked up on Duke Street.

When they saw a guy in his 20s on a Zipp e-scooter hurtling down the sloped pavement towards the pair, they tried to tell him to stop in advance and make him acknowledge them.

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Ms Reynolds relived the shocking moment: “I shouted at him to stop or slow down, but he went right through the middle of the lead.

“It threw Jumbo flying through the air, and he landed on the road with such a slump that I don’t think we could have got past that.

“I picked him up, he was bleeding from his mouth, he just faded away, I had blood everywhere.

“It was horrendous, and you can’t unsee it.”

Jumbo sadly died on the scene.

Her friend’s dog was unhurt, as it was further along the pavement.

However, two weeks on, her friend keeps breaking down in tears.

The rider then shouted at the pair, telling them they shouldn’t be on the pavement, the 72-year-old pensioner said.

“He got very aggressive. But when he saw that people were gathering, he was a bit nicer.”

Ms Reynolds didn’t bring her phone with her that day.

The scooter rider appeared to take down her details because a crowd had gathered, but she hasn’t heard back.

She said: “It’s really affected me, last week I felt ill really.”

Now her house feels empty without her companion, who she has had “through thick and thin.”

Last week, Mr Reynolds got a dachshund puppy from a breeder, but to make matters worse, the puppy had to be put down by a vet due to severe health problems.

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She said in tears: “I can’t afford to get another one, I’ve got to pay the vet bills by monthly instalments, and put my life on hold.”

She couldn’t understand why both ends of Duke Street needed an e-scooter parking bay.

“A lot of people have said they’re now nervous being on the pavement.

“They’re the bane of our society at the moment.

“It’s about time they did something about it, before someone is killed, and someone will be killed if it continues like that.

“People shouldn’t have to live being frightened all the time that they will be flattened."

A spokesperson from Zipp Mobility said: “We are very sorry to hear about this tragic incident.

“We are now investigating this incident.

"If anyone has any further information, we urge them to contact us at into@zippmobility.com.”

The 8.15am incident had multiple eyewitnesses, and some told Ms Reynolds they would be happy to provide evidence. 

The police spokesperson commented: "Thames Valley Police has received a report of the death of a dog following an incident involving a man who was riding on an E-scooter.

"Officers are making further enquiries with regards to the incident."

Those with any information should call 101 and quote reference 0568 12052022.