The Buckinghamshire Council replaced several faded street signs around Chesham.

The refurbishment operation comes after Chesham Town Council councillor Mohammad Fayyaz reported 17 faded, damaged or uprooted signs, and old diversion signs.

He said: “It was well worth doing our survey and reporting the ones that needed replacing.

“Some were broken and others were just faded and not so easy to read.

"Clear, well-placed road signs really help people, especially delivery drivers, find their way around.

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“They help make the town look smarter and well cared for as well.”

Bucks Council said replacing the street nameplates in parts of Chesham were part of a larger order for replacement signs covering the former Chiltern South Bucks district area. 

A new complete street nameplate costs £70 plus VAT while the installation costs around £66 per sign. 

So what happens to these old signs? 

The wooden legs go through the Council's bio chipper, and are mixed to make compost, while the concrete legs are smashed up and used for hardcore at the Bucks Council depot. 

The metal signs themselves are recycled at Evans scrap yard, Bucks Counsil advised. 

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