A FURIOUS dog walker has hit out after stumbling across a mound of rubbish dumped in woods in Amersham.

Pictures of the fly-tip, dumped off Bell Lane, show a huge pile of construction materials and paper documents. It was spotted on May 17.

Some of the documents were reportedly confidential and others included the address of one business in Harrow, the local resident claimed. The business is 20 miles away from the spot where rubbish was flytipped.

Contacting the company, the local resident called for urgent clearance and an explanation as to how the rubbish had come to be dumped in Amersham.

A staff member confirmed it was aware of the flytip and is in the process of investigating.

Buckinghamshire Council cabinet member for climate change and enviroment Gareth Williams said: “Buckinghamshire Council investigates where waste is fly-tipped on private land where strong evidence is available (without cost to the landowner).

Bucks Free Press: The pile of mixed rubbish in the woods. The pile of mixed rubbish in the woods.

“This case was drawn to the council’s attention and is under active investigation relying on evidence found within the waste. 

“The council is working in partnership with Forestry England who, as landowner, will arrange for appropriate clearance and disposal of the waste.

"Buckinghamshire Council operates a zero tolerance policy against fly-tipping and will take appropriate enforcement action as the evidence in the case allows.”

Having called the business named among the rubbish, the dog walker was asked for photos and a location to help with clearance.

When she returned to the fly-tip a few days later, the confidential waste was gone.