A Chesham woman found the Lowndes Park bins in “appalling” state after the weekend.

Claire Anjos took to social media after she found rubbish dotted around the park on Monday (May 23).

There were picnic remnants, bottles, cans and crisp packets.

She said: “This level of littering shows complete disregard for the environment.

“I'm concerned it is on the increase.

“There are plenty of bins in the park, although a few could possibly do with being reinstated, and the council do a good job of keeping it tidy.

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"There's always a small amount of litter but on Monday it was appalling." 

The following day, majority of the rubbish had been cleared up.

“I think the grounds keepers do a fabulous job,” she added.

As an owner of a dog, which is a hunting breed, she was concerned of the hazard food waste posed to her dog and the park wildlife, and called for people to take more responsibility and accountability for their actions.

Town Clerk Bill Richards said: “Chesham Town Council's Parks team does empty all the many bins on Council land and undertakes a litter pick first thing on a Monday morning so we were surprised to hear about this allegation from a member of the public.

“In actual fact, the Council has replaced and increased its number of bins significantly over the last few years in the park.

“Clearly, additional bins may be advantageous but new ones cost close to £500 each and the Council is mindful of not increasing its Council Tax demand during this cost-of-living crisis."

The Town Council regretted that “a few people still persist on throwing litter on the ground than using a bin however many are provided”.